Posted by: rbbadger | November 25, 2009

Who do I call if I want to call Europe?

As set forth in the Treaty of Lisbon, the European Union will now have a permanent president and a foreign minister.  In addition to the embassies of the member states, the EU has its own embassies and diplomatic missions around the world.

Henry Kissinger once famously quipped, “If I want to call Europe, who do I call”?  I suppose that his question has been answered.  The president of the European Council will be Herman van Rompuy, former Prime Minister of Belgium and Baroness Ashton of the UK. 

You can read about these two people whom many people have never heard of hereThe Telegraph, being a generally conservative British daily, is somewhat of a euroskeptic persuasion.  You can read their opinions of him and the Baroness Ashton by clicking here.  Apparently, the new President of the European Council, Mr van Rompuy, is something of a “Eurofanatic” and a great believer in federalism.  If there is anything that the members of the EU ought to learn from the American experience, it is that the principle of subsidiarity is a precious thing which larger federal entities, in which this case the Eurocrats in Brussels, will do everything they can do to dilute it to where it risks becoming meaningless.



  1. thanks for your surprise call last night! it was wonderful to hear your voice. i enjoyed our visit and wish we’d had more time. hope you had a great lunch at least! 🙂 hope you can have another good thanksgiving feast–duck, turkey, whatever it includes. 😀

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