Posted by: rbbadger | November 14, 2009

Spain takes a page out of the US pro-life playbook

Spain has changed quite a bit since the days of Francisco Franco Bahamonde, the late caudillo of fascist times.  Currently, Spain is once again lead by the Partido Socialista de España (PSOE or the Socialist Party).  The current prime minister of Spain, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has brought things such as same-sex marriage to Spain. 

This has brought out quite a bit of opposition.  Currently, the government of Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero is seeking to make Spain’s abortion laws much more liberal than ever before despite widespread opposition.  Pro-lifers have been energised.  Auxiliary Bishop Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid and president of the Bishop’s Conference has even discussed excommunication for pro-choice politicians.  While no American bishop has excommunicated a pro-choice politician, certain of them have imposed certain canonical penalties.  In a number of dioceses, the Vice-President of the United States of America is barred from receiving Holy Communion as are a number of other members of the Obama Administration, members of congress, and others.   

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter has a good article on pro-life Spain which some of you might enjoy.  You can access it here.  The NCR is a liberal Catholic publication, sort of like what Sunstone is to Mormonism.  As much as I disagree with most of their stands, I do enjoy John Allen’s columns.  For me, when it comes to journalism, it is simply irrelevant whether a journalist is liberal or conservative.  What matters most is that he or she is fair and strives to report the news as fairly and and as free of bias as possible.  I have become a fan of John Allen’s ever since I read his very balanced take on Opus Dei.  I generally read his column every week.  I am not, by the way, a member of Opus Dei.  I know of people who are members and some of them are very close friends.  However, I have never joined Opus Dei or been affiliated with any of its institutions.



  1. Have you ever considered going into journalism yourself?

    • I rather think that I don’t have the requisite biases to take it up!

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