Posted by: rbbadger | November 9, 2009

Fall Colours at Haeinsa

Traditionally, Buddhist temples were built in rural locations, often on the sides of mountains.  Haeinsa is no exception to this.  Korea is an exquisitely beautiful country, something which is easy to forget admidst the ugliness of the cities. The land which the temple occupies is a part of the Mount Gaya National Park. 

Fall colours at Haeinsa

I hadn’t expected find Smokey the Bear in Korea, but here he is!  If you want to see more about Korea’s national parks, please visit the Korea National Park Service website at  

Only you can prevent forest fires!

More fall colours



  1. Before Joseon dynasty there were many Buddhist temples located near palaces or field in the cities. There were also many temples bulit in mountains, because 70% of Korean territory is mountains. And the introduction of Zen Buddhism during unified Shilla era led to temples built more in quiet mountains.

    However, the suppressive policy on Buddhism in Joseon dynasty expelled many temples in the cities into deep mountains. We call the policy 숭유억불(崇儒抑佛) policy, which means “worship of Confucianism and suppression of Buddhism”.

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