Posted by: rbbadger | November 6, 2009

Yongsan Station

KORAIL, the government-owned rail corporation, has spent all sorts of money building these massive, architecturally stunning, huge, and most probably costly new train stations.  Yongsan Station, close to the famed Yongsan Electronics Market, is one of these.  The trains departing from here serve mostly the Honam region of Korea which includes Gwangju and the Jeolla provinces. 

KORAIL, while giving pretty good service overall, has had problems which seem to endemic to government run operations.  It was revealed that the fastening devices used for some of the high speed rail lines had not been tested for winter.  It gets cold here.  The thought of one of those trains flying off the track at 300 km/h is terrifying.  I hope they’ve remedied it.  There have also been the usual corruption scandals, union troubles, and so forth.

Yongsan Station

It is also home to a huge mall, a movie theatre, and more.  I am not sure what they are trying to get out this promotion or what it might mean.  “White love in Lapland”?????   I sometimes wonder if there is a market for native English speakers, or at least for Korean fluent in English, to advise companies on the usage of English in advertising.  Thus, one could avoid such things as “White love in Lapland” and the whole “Mother’s Finger” brand of snacks.

White love in lapland



  1. You should do that! They certainly do have some weird things. But then whatever would become of Engrish? 😉

  2. ha ha haaaa! i have no idea what they’re trying to promote, but it’s hilarious. 😀

  3. Here are more signs in Korea: Top 10 Korean Engrish Signs

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