Posted by: rbbadger | November 5, 2009

The Pirate Party wins a seat in the European Parliament

This year, elections were held for the European Parliament.  The huge parliament, which meets sometimes in Brussels and sometimes in Strasbourg, has some fairly interesting characters in it.  The UK Independence Party, made up of people unhappy with the liberal drift of the Conservatives, is very much a Thatcherite party with a healthy dose of Euroscepticism.  The left and centre-left parties suffered greatly during this election.  Spain, which is currently lead by the Socialist Party, saw the centre-right Partido Popular take a majority of Spain’s seats in the EU Parliament.

Interestingly enough, a Swedish single-issue party, the Pirate Party has gained a seat.  The Pirate Party has one major goal, that is to provide for free file sharing all across the internet and to get government oversight of the internet done away with.  You can read more about the Pirate Party here.  A number of far-right, rather than centre-right, parties also won election.  You can read more about them here.


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