Posted by: rbbadger | October 22, 2009

A rebirth of culinary traditions?

The Korea Times is reporting that due to the swine flu scares, more and more Korean people are becoming interested in making their own kimchi at home the old-fashioned way.  Ready-made kimchi can now be easily obtained from any supermarket.  It is also easily obtained at 7-11, FamilyMart, and other convenience stores.  It is such a staple that until recently, the thought of meal without it was considered absurd.  It sort of like imagining a Chinese meal without rice. 

For a long time, Korean women prided themselves on their culinary prowess.  It seems that First Lady Kim Yun-ok is a woman of formidable culinary prowess.  She has recently appeared on television demonstrating how she cooks some of the president’s favourite meals.  She even got the wife of the Prime Minister of Japan into the kitchen where she endeavoured to teach her counterpart how to make kimchi.  However, more and more Korean women no longer know how to make kimchi, perhaps as many as 65 percent.



  1. you should learn how to make kimchi so you can make me some when you come home. 😀

  2. Yes! I think you should learn to make kimchi since you can’t bring us some from Korea! I think a lot of people have just quit cooking altogether now days. Fast food is so convenient and processed and packaged foods are becoming the norm. It seems hardly anybody cooks from scratch anymore. Why mess up the kitchen?

    Sorry I got way behind on my email and everybodys blogs while we were away. The one you were talking about poisonous snakes in religious practices? At first I thought you were talking about the Hopi Indian Snake Dances. I got to go to a couple of those with GrandDaddy Flake. They were actually rain dances. I think about that now and feel very privileged to have seen that ceremony. I don’t think they allow many white people there.

    Thanks for blogging and your emails! Love ya lots!

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