Posted by: rbbadger | September 29, 2009

Instruments for sale

The National Center for the Korean Traditional Performing Arts (國立國樂院) is a governmental institution dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Korean music and dance.  They present frequent concerts of traditional music and dance.  In fact, they have them every Saturday.  They also sell recordings of traditional of music of which they have a vast assortment, scores, and finally the instruments themselves.  Here we see some flutes, some oboe-like instruments, the haegeum (two-stringed fiddle), gayageum (large zither on the left), and a geomungo (large zither on the right).  The gayageum, an instrument with a delightfully pleasing sound, traditionally used strings made from silk and is plucked by hand.  The geomungo is plucked with a bamboo stick. 

Instruments for Sale


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