Posted by: rbbadger | September 29, 2009

Freight train in the commuter rail station

My city is served by the Jungang Line, a sort of commuter rail service which links up with the Seoul subway system.  In Korea, with the exception of the subways, all rail services are provided by KORAIL, the Korean National Railroad.  It includes both passenger and freight services.  Since the Jungang Line is owned and operated by KORAIL, what this means is that they also share their track with the KORAIL’s passenger trains which go to different parts of Korea and KORAIL’s freight services.  You can be waiting for a train and have passenger and freight trains go whizzing past you at great rates of speed.

This is in Dosim Station, right across from my school. 

Freight Train in the Subway


  1. So this is where you go every day? I always pictured those places as being very busy. How did you get a picture with nobody around?

    • Well, this was on a Saturday and there weren’t much people about. The stations it connects with are very crowded places sometimes. This is the train station I sometimes use to get into Seoul. Depending on where I’m going, it is often easier (and quicker) to take the express buses.

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