Posted by: rbbadger | September 26, 2009

New statue of King Sejong

On October 9th, which is Hangeul Day, a new statue of King Sejong will be put in Gwanghwamun Plaza.  The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been spending a great deal of money in beautifying the area around Gwanghwamun, the old main gate into Gyeongbok Palace.  You can see a photo of it by clicking here.  October 9th used to be an official state holiday, but it isn’t anymore.  It commemorates the invention of the Korean alphabet.

Gwanghwamun itself is undergoing restoration.  The gate, which had been rather hastily restored during the era of Park Chung-hee, will be reoriented to once again serve as the main gate of the palace.  President Park’s calligraphic plaque has been removed as well.  An 18th century plaque with the calligraphy of one of the princes of Joseon will be put in its place.  I am very much looking forward to seeing Gwanghwamun when the restorations are finally done.



  1. I wonder how big that statue is? I wanna sit on his lap and have him read me a story or teach me the Korean alphabet! 🙂

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