Posted by: rbbadger | September 24, 2009

Scarlatti Sonata, L. 366

1685 was a banner year as far as music was concerned.  That year saw the births of J.S. Bach, George Frideric Handel, and Domenico Scarlatti.  Scarlatti is best known for his sonatas for harpsichord, though these are also often played on the piano.  Vladimir Horowitz, that great champion of the Romantic repertoire, championed them.  And Wendy Carlos showed that Scarlatti transfered over to the Moog Synthesizer surprisingly well. 

As a harpsichordist, Scarlatti was without equals.  There is a story of a competition between him and Handel in Rome.  Scarlatti was acknowledged as Handel’s superior on the piano, but when it came to the organ, Handel was definitely the winner. 

Here is the Croatian pianist Ivo Pogorelich playing Scarlatti as an encore for a concert in Japan.  He is famous precisely for not winning the Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw.  When he was not allowed to advance, the famous Argentine pianist Martha Argerich quit the jury in disgust and Pogorelich was catapulted to fame.  His interpretations are unusual sometimes and have often been criticised.  You can’t argue with the man’s technique, though.  The fingerwork shown here is amazing.



  1. It’s interesting that fans brought him bouquets before he played. Very nice!

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