Posted by: rbbadger | September 17, 2009

Hummel Trumpet Concerto

Since you all enjoyed Haydn’s magnificent Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, I thought perhaps you might like this selection from Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s Trumpet Concerto

Johann Nepomuk Hummel was born in what is now Bratislava, Slovakia back when it formed a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  He was a talented child.  Mozart taught him for two years free of charge.  He later studied in London with Muzio Clementi, another important pianist and one whose keyboard excercises do much to challege young piano students today.  Upon returning to Austria, he took lessons with Franz Joseph Haydn where he was mightily intimidated by one of Haydn’s students, namely Ludwig van Beethoven.  He was also very good friends with Franz Schubert.

Hummel is an important figure, but he mostly remembered as a transitional one.  He was one of those who paved the way for the later Romantic period.  His music is not played very much today, though his Trumpet Concerto  is in the repertory.  Here is the Norwegian trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth performing Hummel’s Trumpet Concerto.

There is a lot of a music out there that is unknown to us, mostly because we never get to hear it.  I’ve read the writings of critics who lament that there are some wonderful things of Hummel’s that are never played.  But then again, there are marvelous things of Händel’s that never get a hearing either, not to mention many of the works of Haydn. 


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