Posted by: rbbadger | August 22, 2009

A cauldron and a lion

Fortunately, before my original camera was lost, I managed to upload nearly all of the photos to the website and archived many more elsewhere. 

One thing that you do see around some of the areas of the Forbidden City are these huge urns.  The Forbidden City, like the palaces of Seoul, is made of wood.  Wood tends to burn quite easily.  Thus, the Korean palaces have been burnt to the ground one or more times.  These large cauldrons were always kept full of water which was to be used in case fire broke out.


Also, I managed to get this post of a Chinese imperial lion.  The Chinese lions, much like Chinese dragons, are strange looking creatures.  While tigers definitely existed in China and Korea, I’m not sure that lions did.


If you look behind the lion, you can see a bit of the exquisite painting that the buildings are adorned with.  This is the traditional Chinese style of what is known in Korean as dancheong (丹靑).  It is very expensive nowadays.  Often, it ends up costing as much or more than the building it is meant to adorn.  On the eaves of the Korean palaces, you see wire placed in strategic areas to prevent birds from nesting there.


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