Posted by: rbbadger | August 21, 2009

Very small Catholic church in Chinatown

Korea has one Chinatown, located in the port city of Incheon.  To those who know their recent Korean history, Incheon is important because it was there that General Douglas MacArthur made his surprise landing which effectively changed the course of the Korean War.

Incheon’s Chinatown is noted for one other thing, namely being the home of jjajjangmyeon, a “Chinese” dish enjoyed by many Koreans throughout the country.  I’ve heard Koreans before state that they can’t stand real Chinese food, but they like the Korean version of it.  Korean Chinese food resembles, strangely enough, American Chinese food.  It is different from what the people in China actually eat. 

In Chinatown, the street signs are in Korean and Chinese, just as they would be in English and Chinese in Los Angeles or San Francisco.  I wonder if this small Catholic parish offers Mass in Chinese? 



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