Posted by: rbbadger | August 14, 2009

Lest you think that only Detroit makes cars nobody wants

This year, we saw the disgraceful bailout of two of the largest American automobile manufacturers, General Motors and Chrysler.  Asian companies have come to dominate the automobile market.  We’ve seen Toyota overtake GM as the world’s largest manufacturer of cars.    Hyundai has now overtaken Ford.

Some of the autos which Detroit has given us in recent years have been truly hideous.  Who could forget the Pontiac Aztek?


Here in South Korea, much of the media attention in recent days has been centred on SsangYong Motors, Korea’s smallest auto manufacturer.  The company is close to being liquidated.  Conflicts between management and the unionised employees have been fierce, what with a long stand-off involving some union members who were being laid off and the police which threatened to turn deadly.  SsangYong generally produces SUV-like automobiles and many of the designs have been truly hideous.  A case in point is the SsangYong Rodius, something which was meant to capture the “essence of a luxury yacht”. 


Whether or not they’ve succeeded is very much up to one’s own opinion, I suppose.  Readers of Britain’s Telegraph, one of the major newspapers in the UK, voted it the third ugliest car ever made.  In other publications, it has been called a car so ugly that it will frighten children and worse.  It’s not just Detroit which is capable of making truly ugly and frightening autos. 

As the Korea Times reports, the major problem facing SsangYong right now is that nobody really likes their cars to begin with.  You can read the story here.

If you want to read The Telegraph’s feature of the 100 ugliest cars ever made, you can access that by clicking here.


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