Posted by: rbbadger | August 4, 2009

Early modern architecture in Seoul

Recently, I paid a visit to the wonderful Bank of Korea Museum, a place which provides sort of a fascinating glimpse into Korea’s long monetary history.

I believe that this building was built by the Japanese.  The Japanese, by this time period had become quite skilled in working in Western architectural styles of the time.  Another fine example of what early 20th century Japanese architects were capable of is found at the Cheondogyo Central Temple.  Uniquely for a very Korean new religion, a Japanese architect was hired to build a very western building.


Cheondogyo Central Temple

Cheondogyo Central Temple

Not all of Seoul’s early modern architecture was designed by Japanese architects.  One of the most stunning examples was completed under the direction of French missionaries, namely Myeong-dong Cathedral.  Fortunately, the restoration of the glorious tower is now complete.



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