Posted by: rbbadger | July 26, 2009

North Korea on Secretary Clinton

As I read on the Marmot’s Hole blog this past week, North Korea’s state media doesn’t like Hillary any more than they liked former Secretary Rice.  Clinton, who compared North Korea to an unruly child, ended up being called all sorts of names by officials of North Korea’s foreign ministry.  They were appalled at her “vulgar remarks” which showed that she was “by no means intelligent”. 

North Korean officials were attending the Association of Southeast Asian States summit held in Phuket, Thailand.  Secretary Clinton gave a press conference there in which she compared North Korea “to an unruly child”.  In fact, she went a bit further in her remarks.  She stated that “what we’ve seen is this constant need for attention”.  Speaking for herself, she said, “Maybe its the mother in me or the experience I’ve had with small children and teenagers and people who are demanding attention — don’t give it to them, they don’t deserve it, they are acting out”. 

What was North Korea’s response to all of this?  Foreign ministry spokesman Ri Hung-sik stated once again that the six party talks were over.  However, there were some choice quotes in the Foreign Ministry Statement.

“We cannot but regard Mrs. Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary ettiquette in the international community.  Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes she looks like a pensioner going shopping.”

The full text of the story can be found on the Washington Times if you click here.

For those of you who might wonder what North Korean media might look like, play this video.  This was on the occasion of North Korea’s first successful nuclear tests.  The way that their anchors declaim the news is highly entertaining to me.  They don’t this here.  In some ways, it is a bit like how singers of p’ansori declaim the spoken parts of the long musical dramas. 


  1. That newscaster really uses voice infections to make you believe every word, huh?

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