Posted by: rbbadger | July 23, 2009

Solar Eclipse

Today, much of East Asia experienced a rather rare event, namely a solar eclipse.  We did not experience a full solar eclipse here in Korea, but those in Shanghai and some other places in China experienced one.  Anyhow, as I was going to work today, I noticed that it was unusually dark for ten o’clock in the morning and that this could not be attributed to pollution from China.  We took the kids up to the roof to look at the sun through some filters one of the Korean teachers had prepared.  Nearly 80% of the sun was obscured. 

China’s People’s Daily has some really nice photos of the eclipse from Shanghai.  You can see those by clicking on the link below.

The Korea Herald also had some photos of the eclipse from here.

As they point out, the last total eclipse took place in 1887.  The last annular eclipse, where a ring of sunlight surrounds the moon, took place in 1948.



  1. Those were cool pictures of the eclipse!

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