Posted by: rbbadger | July 22, 2009

Bus Tracking

If you take the subway in Seoul, you can often see where the subway train is.  Most of the electronic signs only show the two previous stops, but some of them, such as those on the Jungang Line (首都圈 電鐵 中央線) and portions of Line 1 (首都圈 電鐵 一號線) show exactly where the train is, even if it is a considerable distance away.  I’ve wondered if such a thing could be introduced for buses, especially since GPS makes tracking these things much easier than ever before.  A while ago, I went to visit the marvelous city of Suwon and found that such systems were already implemented.

Namyangju City has decided to opt for the same thing.  The electronic sign at the bus stop tells you where the bus is and how long you have to wait for it to arrive.  I’ve never seen this in Seoul.


When I lived in Gwangju, I generally took a taxi at least twice or more a day.  The buses didn’t tend to run as often as they do here, at least not to the places where I wanted to go.  Here, it is very rare that I take a taxi, given that the subway system is very extensive.



  1. Some of the busier stops in Seoul—such as the stops along Gangnamdaero—have the electronic signage as well. The ones in Seoul even talk! They announce the numbers of the buses that are about to arrive. This information is also available through the Internet and cell phones. Very useful stuff!

  2. That is such a good idea!

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