Posted by: rbbadger | July 6, 2009

5000th Catholic priest ordained

Recently, the Catholic Church in Korea celebrated the Solemnity of St. Andrew Kim Taegon, priest and martyr.  The Seoul Archiocese held its ordinations to the priesthood then.  At the Mass, Nicholas Cardinal Cheong Jin-suk ordained the 5,000th Korean priest.  At the ordination, His Eminence remarked on how much the Church has grown since he was ordained a priest.  When he himself was ordained a priest in 1961, there were less than 250 priests in the entire country.  Many of them were foreigners as well.  Currently, there are over three thousand of them serving some five million Catholics.

While the Catholic Church has indeed grown in South Korea, I only hope that they don’t mistake quantity for quality.  If you baptize a great number of people and then most of them end up no longer frequenting the sacraments, then there is a problem.  While the Catholic bishops of Korea did announce recently that there are five million members on the books, they also recognized that many of the Catholics in Korea are not frequenting the sacraments.


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