Posted by: rbbadger | June 27, 2009

Ssangyong Motors Labour Woes

SsangYong Motors, the smallest of Korea’s auto manufacturers, has been undergoing bankruptcy.  Their majority shareholders, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, having grown more and more frustrated with the Korean unions, decided to throw SsangYong Motors to the wolves and let them undergo court-ordered restructuring.  Recently, the company laid off a number of workers.  Currently, 1,200 of those fired have occupied SsangYong’s main assembly plant and won’t leave.  Indeed, they’ve set tires ablaze after being confined to a building with paint thinner stored in it. 

Under Korean bankruptcy law, collective bargaining agreements cannot be touched.  All other contracts may be annulled, but those affecting the agreements worked out between management and the employees may not be modified, as they can be in the USA. 

SsangYong is also the maker of the Rodius, an SUV which won (if that is appropriate), the title of the third ugliest car ever made in The Telegraph’s ranking of the 100 ugliest cars of all time.  The winner was the GM made Pontiac Aztek.  You can read and look at this dreadful catalogue of tastelessness here.


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