Posted by: rbbadger | June 6, 2009

The digital camera (part 2)

Well, today I took my charger, battery, and all back to Yongsan Electronics Market.  They very graciously tested the charger and found that there was no problem with it.  The problem was with the battery.  As they explained it to me, those Casio NP-20 batteries only last about a year.  It has been a year since I bought the camera, so it was about time for it to die.  I had noticed that its power capacity was waning anyway.  But I never expected that the whole thing would fail to work.  And yet it did, right on schedule.  I guess it is just something to remember. 

I had figured when I bought the thing that I could easily find batteries for it here should they fail to hold a charge.  After all, Casio is an internationally well-known and respected name.  But this isn’t the USA, and you can’t find them as easily as you can back at home.  However, just about the only Japanese digital cameras sold commonly here are either made by Canon or Nikon.  (And you should see the size of some of these cameras, too.  The Koreans, like the Japanese, love taking pictures.  I’ve seen many SLR digital cameras carried about.)  So, the camera isn’t a common one here, though some of the retailers at the Yongsan Electronics Market and TechnoMart do carry it.  Additionally, there is a dealer at Namdaemun Market, but he closes too early to be of any use to me.


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