Posted by: rbbadger | June 3, 2009


The Daily NK, a website devoted to news and analysis of the current situations in North Korea, had this article about shin ramyeon, a variety of  instant spicy noodles that is very, very common here in South Korea.  Apparently, it has become very popular with our neighbours to the north and is currently being sold on the black market.

In South Korea, a large plastic bowl of shin ramyeon may cost you a dollar.  Yet in North Korea, a large plastic bowl of the stuff can end up costing half of  one North Korean worker’s average monthly salary.  It is sort of in demand among the upper classes who have more money.  And it is sort of funny how things we take for granted here are seen as highly desirable elsewhere.

You can read the story here.

What China was during the Cultural Revolution, North Korea is today.



  1. That’s funny! Noodles on the black market.

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