Posted by: rbbadger | May 25, 2009


According the news media, right before former President Roh died, he asked his bodyguard who was accompanying him for a cigarette.  The bodyguard said he didn’t have one and the ex-president said it didn’t matter.  Right after that, he leapt off the cliff.  I didn’t know that the ex-president was a smoker. 

Anyhow, it is customary in those families that still observe the traditional ancestral rites to offer up some of the foods that their parents or grandparents enjoyed in the spirit of serving them in death as you would have served them in life.  I’ve not heard of the custom of offering up lit cigarettes to the departed, but that is happening at many of the altars set up around the country for the faithful to pay their respects to former President Roh.



  1. That is so weird! But the flowers are pretty. It’s so sad that he killed himself.

  2. That is sad.

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