Posted by: rbbadger | May 19, 2009


One interesting thing I recently saw was the massive Chinese character dictionary that scholars from Dankook University have been working on for over thirty years.  The dictionary is now complete and it is on sale at Kyobo Books, though I don’t know who on earth would buy such a monstrous series of volumes.  Each is about the size of a single volume of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.  In 15 volumes, along with an index in a separate volume, the Han-Han Dae Sajeon contains 60,000 Chinese characters and 500,000 words of Chinese origin.  It has even more characters in it than the Zhongwen Da Cidian (中文大辭典) of Taiwan which contains 50,000 characters and 400,000 words and the larger Hanyu Da Cidian (汉语大辞典) published in China.  The mainland China produced dictionary has 56,000 characters and some 450,000 words.

Clearly, this is a dictionary for scholars and not for the general public.  Still, I just can’t get over how massive the thing is!


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