Posted by: rbbadger | May 1, 2009

The hwacha

A few posts back, I posted about the hwacha (화차, 火車) the terrifying Korean weapon of the 15th century successfully used to fend off Japanese pirates and other enemies.  As I mentioned, the Mythbusters built their own and tested it.  And yes, it is truly a terrifying device.  The Chinese sought to keep the secret of gunpowder out of the hands of their tributary states, Korea and Japan.  (Japan and Korea both had to pay tribute to China during various times in their history.  The practice ended in Korea in 1897 with the proclamation of the Great Han Empire (Dae Han Jeguk, 대한제국, 大韓帝國). 

Here is the test of the Mythbusters-built hwacha.  Terrifying, no?


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