Posted by: rbbadger | April 6, 2009


Imjingak is a sort of park built to console the people who originated in North Korea or who still had family there.  It is the closest that most citizens of South Korea can get to the DMZ.  To go to the DMZ, ordinary Korean civilians must be cleared by the National Security Agency (formerly the KCIA) in order to visit.  So this park was the closest that many South Koreans could get to the North, at least until the tours to Geumgangsan and Gaeseong started.  Here is the Freedom Bridge, the bridge that many prisoners of war crossed on their way back to South Korea.  You can’t go very far on it.


This altar is a place where families of those in the North, or those whose ancestors are buried in the North, can make offerings to the deceased members of their families.  There is a large incense burner in the front and currently there are offerings of flowers on it.


Here is a the Peace Bell pavilion.  Korean and Chinese bells do not have clappers.  Rather, they are hit from the outside, in this case by a large log which swings in the front of the bell. 



Since this is a traditional Korean structure, you simply can’t have one of these without a plaque identifying in Chinese characters exactly what it is, namely the Peace Bell Pavilion.



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