Posted by: rbbadger | March 29, 2009

A Chinese man who helped North Korean refugees is now himself a refugee

Li Xun, a Chinese citizen living near the border of North Korea, once helped North Korean refugees.  Many North Koreans seek to escape into a China which is, in comparison to North Korea, a veritable paradise of freedom.  However, if North Koreans are caught by the officials of the Public Security Bureau, they will be returned to North Korea where the penalty for seeking to leave without permission is death in most instances.

The Chinese police and military brutally beat Mr. Li and he was imprisoned.  A U.S. court has now granted him asylum.  You can read a bit more about Mr. Li’s story here.



  1. It seems a shame that the economic shared zones between north korea and the south havent been more successful – how about china and north korea – do you know whether there is greater future potential for chinese and north korean businesses to work together ? nevertheless, whether they work together or not china and north korea are a dangerous human rights combination in any respect….. such a shame that more international pressure cant help the situation – but where has that got with countries such as zimbabwe …. no chance of change unless change is from within

    • The Gaeseong Economic Zone has been a success, at least until North Korea decided to hamper it. These businesses in North Korea are owned by the South. Everything else is state owned. China would like to see the North open up. Jiang Zemin, former President of the PRC encouraged Kim Jong-il to do so. There was talk of such an economic zone in a town very close to the Chinese border, but so far, only Gaeseong has born much fruit.

      The North knows that if they reform, they could well lose the whole country. As for China’s human rights situation, there have been some improvements but they still have a long way to go.

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