Posted by: rbbadger | March 7, 2009

Internet Symphony No. 1 “Eroica”

I’ve written before about the Chinese composer and conductor Tan Dun (譚盾) and my admiration for his work.  He is a pretty eclectic composer and his works generally tend to have something for everybody.   I love the rich, Romantic, melodies that are in a great deal of his work.  He isn’t afraid to use avant-garde techniques.  He uses them often.  And he also likes to write really lush melodies, too. 

YouTube commissioned Maestro Tan to compose a symphony for them.  People from all over the world were invited to audition by posting videos on YouTube.  The winners have been selected and will travel to New York to perform Maestro Tan’s Symphony No. 1 “Eroica” under the direction of one of America’s greatest musicians, Michael Tilson Thomas at Carnegie Hall.  The symphony itself is very short, lasting maybe only about five minutes in duration.  There are a couple of videos of it out there that I like, namely one of the London SO under the direction Maestro Tan.  You can see that one here.

I still prefer the version put out by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra which you may see here.

Is this a great work?  I don’t think so.  But it is an enjoyable one and an interesting one.



  1. Hi Robert!
    I liked both of those too. Thanks for keeping us culturally uplifted. 🙂 I miss going to concerts. We’ve only made it to the Chinese Acrobats of the Fine Arts Events this year and none of the school concerts. Are we busier than ever? Crazy. Hope you have a good weekend!
    Love, Mama

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