Posted by: rbbadger | February 14, 2009

Some Saturday thoughts

It is Saturday yet again, so I decided to make a trip to see a Korean War memorial I had read about, but had never seen.  I’ve seen a couple of them, back when I went to the DMZ.  I am planning on going back there, this time with digital camera in tow.  And I am hoping this time to be able to enter the buildings that straddle that unfortunate boundary between North and South.

The memorial that I saw was erected in honour of all of the soldiers from Belgium and Luxembourg who lost their lives in the Korean War.  I will be posting photos of it.  I have seen photos of the Greek Memorial.  It looks like a Greek temple.  There are other memorials scattered across Gyeonggi Province to the other nations which took part. 

I have been meaning to post my thanks to all of you, and there have been many, who have sent me cards, letters, and photos.  Thank you so very much.  I will shortly be responding in kind and will most likely be unleashing another volley of postcards before too long.  It is so good to hear from family and friends.  And while e-mail is nice, something tangible like a letter is even nicer.  So thank you all!


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