Posted by: rbbadger | February 11, 2009

New punishments for Seoul schools

Until fairly recently, corporal punishment used to be a fairly common feature of school life in Korea.  While it is becoming less and less common, there is a need for other types of discipline which do not involve physically beating the kids. 

The Seoul schools will soon be switching to a system of points.  A certain number of points will bar students from certain activities.  They will also be subject to other forms of punishment.

Now, for students who are caught breaking school rules, fighting, or smoking (a big problem among high school students, especially), they will recieve certain penalty points.  An SMS text message will be instantly sent to the cell phones of the parents informing them their child has just been found guilty of an infraction.  In order to get the penalty points taken away, they will have to attend extra classes or take part in volunteer activities. 

I really do like the idea of instantly notifying the parents that their child is in trouble.  If the child is not going to get beaten at school, he or she is most probably going to get beaten at home!


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