Posted by: rbbadger | February 1, 2009

Governor Brewer and financial austerity

I see that the State of Arizona has basically wiped clean its last deficit of $1.6 billion through massive cuts.  Unfortunately, my younger brother fell victim to the budget cutting, as Arizona State University is undergoing a major series of cuts on its own.  However, there is another deficit looming, this one amounting to about $3 billion.  This means that further cuts are in store.  Already, about five state parks could be closed permanently.  I rather think that the Lyman Puddle may be one of them.

As for the universities, they are already in fear of what is in store for the 2010 budget. 

I really would like to know just what the State of Arizona spent all of its money on.  The prosperity of the 2000s was, as we have now seen, largely illusory as it was propped up by easy credit and large amounts of debt.  I suppose that ex-Governor Napolitano’s reputation as being a good steward of state financial resources is basically out the window.  But I suppose that ex-Gov. Napolitano doesn’t need to worry about that, given that she’s now in Washington running the Department of Homeland Security.  From all appearances, the state government looked to be well run during the Napolitano years.  But I suppose that appearances can be decieving.

Governor Brewer has a lot of experience with these sorts of things.  As Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, she was faced with a huge budget deficit and a county government largely financed by debt.  At the end of her term, Maricopa County became one of the most fiscally conservative and from a financial point of view, best run counties in the country.



  1. Dear Son,
    Thanks to your checking and reporting on your findings of our state’s economics, I feel like I am better informed. It is interesting the things that you know and find out and you pass on to the rest of us! THANKS!!! I DO hope our former governor will be more wise as homeland security secretary than she was as governor. And it was very good to learn that Governor Brewer has had some good successful experience in the past! I DO feel if everyone prepares as they can, is honest, hard working, uses our resources wisely and stays positive and we all come together and worked together for our common good we will get through this! We did it during World War II and we can do it again!

    Love, Mama

  2. I was very happy to see who our new governor is. She is taking drastic measures, but, man! We needed it! I’m glad she’s in there. I wonder how many people she’s making angry, but you’ve gotta cut somewheres.

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