Posted by: rbbadger | January 20, 2009

The National Museum of Korea

Not far from Yongsan Station and the famed electronics market near there is the National Museum of Korea (국립중안박물관), the largest museum in Asia and the sixth largest museum in the world, at least in terms of floor space.  To see the entire collection takes literally days.  The building is so impossibly huge that it is difficult to photograph with just an ordinary camera.




Unfortunately, this museum does not house a copy of a book I would very much like to see, the sole remaining copy of the Hunminjongeum Haerye, the fifteenth century commentary on the Korean alphabet written by order of King Sejong the Great to explain the alphabet.  That is housed in the Kansong Art Museum, a private museum in Seoul which is only open one or two times a year.  And while its central focus is, of course, Korea, it does have some nice examples of other Asian art.


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