Posted by: rbbadger | January 18, 2009

Singaporean Shophouses

One feature of Singaporean architecture are the old shophouses, dwellings which used to contain shops on the first floor and residential dwellings on the second and third.  Some of them are really quite lovely and many have been lovingly restored.  This is one of the most pleasing things about the country.  A lot of beautiful old things still remain.   The last photo is of Peranakan Place, a collection of shophouses which are now basically shops.  It is located in the shopping mecca of Orchard Road, home to some of the nation’s finest shopping centres.

On the opposite side of the river, near the Old Parliament House is the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore.  You can see in the background a selection of wonderful old shophouses along with the skyscrapers.


And of course Chinatown boasts many splendid examples of them.  Originally, these were far from pleasant dwellings, what with many Chinese labourers crammed into tiny cubicles.  Many of these old houses have been restored.  A number of them now house shops.  Others house businesses.  Their exteriors are quite pleasant, don’t you think?




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