Posted by: rbbadger | January 13, 2009

Hong Kong judicial attire

Here’s a grouping of judges in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.  Hong Kong is the only place in China where you’ll see judges dressed like this!  The judges in the black and gold gowns are the judges of the Court of Final Appeal, the court of last resort in the Hong Kong SAR.  Singapore and Malaysia, despite being British colonies at one time, have dumped the wigs and Singapore has adopted American-style judicial gowns.  How would Uncle Fred enjoy going to work dressed like this?  The only thing which is absent is the black triangular cap that British judges used to wear.  When they passed death sentences, the judges would put the black triangular cap on over their wigs and sentence the convicted to death.

Seeing as Hong Kong is the land of perpetual warmth, the judge’s outfits lack the fur trim which British judges still use in the winter season.   In the summer, they don’t wear the fur trim, that is unless the Sovereign’s Birthday or certain red letter days occur.  On those occasions, the full-bottomed wig is also worn as well.  Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada still wear the fur-trimmed outfits without the wig.  And apparently, they still carry the triangular black cap, something of an anachronism as Canada hasn’t had the death penalty for years.




  1. Maybe Uncle Fred would wear that for Halloween! Remember that time he came dressed as a “terrorist” complete with a “toilet float” bomb?! 🙂

  2. Santa Claus givimg the death sentence?! What will the children think? 🙂

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