Posted by: rbbadger | December 17, 2008

Motorcycles on the sidewalk

Christine had asked, a while back, about why motorcycles are on the sidewalk.  The reason for this is very simple.  Most restaurants have food delivery services.  This includes McDonalds.  Yes, now you can have your Big Mac combo delivered straight to your home or office.  The food is delievered on motorcycles.  The motorcyclists, always endeavouring to bring the food as quickly as possible, often chose to forego the traffic snarled roads and drive on the sidewalk. 

There is allegedly a traffic code in Korea and I would imagine that doing such things is probably in violation of it.  But it seems to be rarely enforced.  People do follow the rules when they know that there are cameras about.  The reason that they know that there are cameras is that there are signs telling you where the cameras are.  Cross-country buses generally follow the traffic laws, as cameras are all over the expressways.  But once they leave the expressways and hit the open roads of the city, it is back to the law of the jungle.



  1. That’s crazy. There are cameras all over the valley nowadays. I was there on Monday headed home on the freeway and there was a cop car on the side of the road that must have had a camera because he had a light up on a long stick, and I saw it flash at something like the 10th car behind me. I hadn’t heard of those before, but apparently they are always coming up with new ways to try to enforce traffic laws.
    Well, watch out for those motorcycles. 🙂

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