Posted by: rbbadger | December 4, 2008

Korea’s seduction law

A couple of months ago, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea ruled that the rarely enforced, but still on-the-books law against adultery was constitutional and that the two year prison sentence involved was not excessive.  A baseball player, who had slept with a woman by promising her he would marry her, was charged for violating article 304 of the of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Korea, a crime which carries the penalty of two years imprisonment.  Eventually, it seems that the charge was withdrawn, given that both parties reached a settlement of some sort.  The anti-seduction law is still on the books, though it is rarely enforced.  (As are the laws against prostitution.)  

The Ministry of Justice has announced that the civil and criminal codes are going to be extensively revised over the next few years.  Perhaps the adultery law and the seduction law will be repealed.  But for the time being, they are on the books and are constitutional.  An actress actually is facing the possibility of jail time owing to her adultery.


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