Posted by: rbbadger | November 30, 2008

Plea deal

The news from the Apache County Superior Court these days is that the state has offered a plea agreement to the boy accused of killing his father and another man.  The state fears that if the boy is found not competent due to his age, the charges will probably be dismissed with prejudice, meaning that they can never be refiled against him.  He would be released to the custody of his mother and there would be no psychological treatment available to him from the state.  The County Attorney and his deputy, Bradley Carlyon, have stated that it is not their desire to prosecute the boy.  However, as officers of the court, they must somehow meet the demands of justice.  Were he to agree to the deal, he would spend time in juvenile detention, I image.  But he would receive psychological or psychiatric treatment to help him understand why he killed two innocent people.

The Honourable Donna J. Grimsley, Presiding Judge of the Superior Court, has recused herself from this case.  So, it is likely that the Honourable Michael Roca, appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona as a judge pro tempore for Apache County, will continue to serve as the judge for this case.


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