Posted by: rbbadger | November 18, 2008

Why oh why did they have to release that videotape?

In seeing what is news these days on the home front, I saw that the County Attorney’s Office released a portion of the video that they conducted with Christian Romero, the alleged murderer of his father, Vincent Romero.  (We must say alleged, as this case has not been proven in court yet.  Until it is proven, the allegations are simply that, allegations.  It is up to the Prosecution to prove them as true.)  KTVK Channel 3 realeased the video. 

I thought that there was a gag order binding all attorneys, law enforcement personnel, and anyone else connected to the investigation, prosecution, or defense of the case from speaking to the media about the case.  If so, perhaps the learned judge should consider whether or not he can hold some people in contempt, as he should do if the situation warrants it.

Despite the fact that this does not show the child’s face or even the alleged confession, what good does it do to show the boy being questioned by the deputies of the Apache County Sherriff’s Department?



  1. What good does it do? To stir the pot, to make more speculation, to keep every body worked up. That’s what the media is for! It doesn’t help anybody or anything, except maybe it makes our wonderful 😛 County Attorney feel better???

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