Posted by: rbbadger | November 10, 2008

Thoughts on the Romero case

The news on the death of Vincent Romero has reached Korea now.  Indeed, it has been picked up by media around the world.  In looking for the latest, I’ve seen reports on Google from Korea, The Netherlands, Russia and elsewhere.  I sure am hoping that the police are being careful with this case.  I hope that the County Attorney is being careful, too.  It has the potential to blow up and cause some real problems. 

One of the biggest potential problems is the boy’s confession.  His attorney is going to argue that he confessed without the benefit of counsel or a parent, that he did not adequately understand his rights under the law (how can an eight year old be expected to, anyway?), and that therefore the confession should be excluded as evidence.  The police and district attorney aren’t talking about what evidence they have. 

My biggest fear for the boy and the family is that this could have the potential to become a circus.  My hopes are that the judge does his or her best to prevent it from becoming one.



  1. Throw into the equation he has a natural mom & a step mom. We can expect it will be long process, but what can we do about it? PRAY!

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