Posted by: rbbadger | November 7, 2008

Korean government mascots

One thing which I have found a little disturbing here are some of the overly cute mascots different cities and provinces have chosen for themselves.  Quite possible the most disturbing of all is that of the National Tax Service.  The NTS is the Korean equivalent of the American Internal Revenue Service.  The NTS has an appropriate official looking logo which you can see here.  But of course, being an agency of the Korean government, they have have to have really cute set of cartoon characters which you can see here.  If even the National Police Service can have some, then I suppose that the National Tax Service can too.  It just seems strange, though.  I could never imagine the IRS having a warm and cuddly side.

Of course, I should hardly complain given that our income taxes are some of the lowest around and that last year I got a refund.


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