Posted by: rbbadger | November 6, 2008

The elections of 2008

Well, 2008 has proven to be a historic election in more ways that one.  We now wait to see whom the President-elect will seek to put in charge of the various departments.  Thankfully, this election was not a cliffhanger like 2000.  And, of course, I can say quite honestly that I was glad not to have been in my native country during the past two years as the presidential campaigns ran their course.  Politics have gotten incredibly nasty.  It is indeed a relief not to have to be inundated with all the ads, all the mail, all the pollsters, and all the general nastiness that accompanies a general election in the USA.

McCain did better that I thought he would do.  The handicaps that he faced were indeed great.  Being from the same political party of George Bush definitely worked against him.  The idea that he might just be a continuation of George Bush harmed his prospects greatly.  Sarah Palin’s role as the Vice Presidential nominee did him no favours.  His age was a factor, too.

I wish our President-elect the very best.  He has immense difficulties ahead what with wars on two fronts, a demoralised country, and an economic crisis which, if badly handled, could plunge us into even more financial chaos.  Let it not be forgotten that the economic bungling of the Federal Reserve turned a recession into a depression back in the 1930s.

So, now the time is quickly approaching for him to stop talking about what he will do and now to see him actually try to do it.


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