Posted by: rbbadger | November 2, 2008

Adultery in the Republic of Korea

Among the interesting crimes listed in the penal code of the Republic of Korea is that of adultery.  The ex-husband of an actress filed a criminal complaint against his ex-wife on the change of adultery, a crime which is punishable by two years of imprisonment with no other sentencing options available.   

The Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country for constitutional matters heard the case.  Five out of the nine justices voted to overturn the adultery law.  However, they needed at least six for the 2/3 majority required to overturn the law, so the adultery law is still on the books.  The trial, suspended for the duration of the appeal, will now recommence.  It will either take place before a single judge (no juries are used here) or a panel of three judges.


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