Posted by: rbbadger | October 1, 2008

Now this is just sad

Apparently, the problems with tainted powdered milk in China are nothing new.  According to this report, which you can read by clicking here, the North Korean government launched a series of investigations into tainted Chinese products which lead to their ban by North Korea in 2005.  North Korea and China have long had a close relationship, dating back to the Korean War.  Had not the Chinese troops of the People’s Liberation Army supported the North, the Korean War quite possibly would have ended in Seoul’s favour.  Jiang Zemin (president of the People’s Republic of China from 1993-2003) gave this existence of this alliance “forged in blood” as China’s main reason for continuing relationships with North Korea.  It then, strikes me odd, that North Korea would summarily ban food imports of their oldest ally, but ban them they apparently did.  Sausage from China was also banned, owing to a massive outbreak of food poisoning.  It would have been nice to know something about it then instead of three years later.

In South Korea, the government is going to force food manufacturers to put the country of origin of the food right on the front of the box.  A number of other food products, some of them with chillingly familiar names, have been banned.  Ritz cheese and cracker sadwiches have been banned by the KFDA, as melamine has been found in them.  They are manufactured by Nabisco Food Shezhou, Co., Ltd. in China.  Also, a coffee creamer imported from Hong Kong (but originally made right on the mainland) has also been banned.  The government has announced stringent inspection plans.  All imported food, whether from China or not, must now be tested if it contains any dairy products.  It does not matter if every ingredient is a product of the USA or western Europe.



  1. Don’t eat those Ritz cheese sandwich crackers!!!

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