Posted by: rbbadger | September 27, 2008

Random musings

Well, yesterday, The Suit made its debut, as we had all the parents of the kindergarten students there.  They were watching us teach their children, so that was stressful, but over quickly enough.  I must say that it is an extremely comfortable suit and hopefully will last for quite a while.  It is one of the most comfortable items of clothing I’ve ever had.  I am thinking about having a couple more made, as the prices here are much less than would expect to find for similar tailoring in the USA.  Now were I order a suit from London’s Savile Row, I could well expect to pay upwards of £800 ($1600) for something similar.  For bespoke tailoring (tailoring done without any previously-made patterns and done precisely to the customer’s specifications), that could cost upwards of £1800. 

When I went to order the suit, the tailors took about 20 different measurements and I had to go in for a fitting.  When I picked it up Thursday evening, I tried it on to make sure that everything fit and when it did, the tailors were exceptionally pleased with themselves.  They were happy that they didn’t have to make any more alterations and had done a perfect job.  Anyhow, I am happy with it and it is exceedingly comfortable.

The financial crisis in America is worrisome.  I rather tend to agree that we are headed for a big recession, no matter how much money the government manages to put into the economy.  The collapse of banks, especially Washington Mutual, is quite troubling indeed.  While credit remains the lifeblood of the economy, it is unlikely I think that we will return to the days of free and easy credit. 

For Koreans, mortgages are more difficult to obtain than they are (or were) in the USA.  The banks want a lot of collateral before they’ll grant loans and often prefer to deal with businesses.  One of the cornerstones of the American Dream has been homeownership.  One wonders what this will do that.

Only one of my students lives in an actual house.  She also lives out in the rural part of Namyangju City, so she actually has a lot of space to play in.  Almost every other student of mine lives in an apartment.

One of my students is an American citizen (yes, really!).  He was born in America, so therefore, he holds dual Korean and American citizenship.  I am wondering whether or not the Korean government will amend the citizenship law to allow him to hold dual nationality when he becomes of age.  Currently, Koreans who are dual citizens must either choose to remain Korean or adopt American (or other) nationality and renounce their Korean nationality.  The Roh Administration was toying with it, but the idea seems to have died away.


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