Posted by: rbbadger | September 25, 2008

The Suit

This weekend, I decided it was high time that I had a suit made.  It possible to get a tailored suit here for much, much less that one would pay back at home.  Itaewon is chock full of tailors trying to get in you in to buy their products.  A tailor I ultimately settled on was one who doesn’t do that at all.  I figure if he can stay in business without harrassing passers-by, he might be doing pretty well for himself and has a loyal clientele.

Since this is a tailored suit, I had to down to Seoul on Monday for a fitting.  The suit resembled something like this.  No buttons were on it and a lot of stiching was exposed.  Further measurments were taken and the whole thing was ready today, which occasioned another trip to Seoul.  (The fact that the Jungang Line of the Seoul subway is right across from the school makes me happy.)  It is a nice suit and looks very nice.  It also fits perfectly.

It cost about as a much as a suit off the rack at many men’s wear shops in the US would cost.  But there is one thing which makes me very happy indeed.  On one of the interior labels, it reads, “Tailored by hand for Robert Badger”.



  1. New, new suit for Robert!!! YEA! What color is it? Can you be home to wear it to the wedding reception? That’s exciting! Love, Mama

  2. My suit is in the favoured colour for business in the Asia-Pacific area, namely BLACK. As for the wedding reception, it all depends on when the wedding reception is.

  3. The wedding will be Dec 30th and the receptions will be January 9th in SJ and 10th in Pima. I know it isn’t quite a year, but maybe they will let you come home a few weeks earlier?!

    I’m so glad you got a suit! YEA!!! Please send pictures! Now that you have black, you can get a nice dark blue one next!

    Take care! Keep posting! Love, Mama

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