Posted by: rbbadger | September 22, 2008

Dangerous Chinese food (Yikes!)

The Korean Food and Drug Administration (식품의약품안전청) has announced that since 2006, they have discarded some 41 tonnes of Chinese food imports.  Thankfully, they didn’t import any of their tainted baby formula here, but a lot of food from China is imported into Korea.  Heaven only knows what toxins lurk in stuff grown in China.  I would be really nervous about eating the fish there, which is something of a shame as I really love fish and fresh seafood.  But with the all toxins being dumped in the rivers, heaven only knows what carcinogenic goodies might lurk behind in an innocent looking piece of fish.

One major problem with China is that the leadership, under Deng Xiaoping and especially under Jiang Zemin, placed economic growth above all else.  “Growth or death!” seems to be their motto.  The current leadership is beginning to make noises about cleaning stuff up, seeing as the Chinese people are being to get quite angry about air and other pollution.  Ever since 1989, nothing scares the Chinese government quite like a huge bunch of their fellow citizens storming on them.  Now with the Olympics over, I could swear that China is back into full industrial mode, as we’ve had some days that were quite smoggy of late.  We routinely get Chinese air pollution here, not to mention the accursed yellow dust, or dust from China’s Gobi Desert that routinely lands here and makes going out a health hazard.  (You don’t want to inhale it.)  Yellow Dust has been known to travel as far as San Francisco, though the impact on them is nowhere near the impact on people here and in Japan.  (If it is bad in Seoul, I don’t even want to know what it is like in Beijing.)  Korea is heavily industrialised and we have a lot of manufacturing industries.  However, the Korean government has made serious attempts to deal with the pollution problems. 

In other news, Samsung (三星) is determined come hell or high water that they are going to buy SanDisk, the American producer of flash memory chips.  Samsung makes about 7% of the world’s flash memory chips.  SanDisk makes about 27%.  Toshiba makes about 19% of the world’s flash memory chips.  If a bidding war between Toshiba and Samsung starts over SanDisk, things are going to get interesting indeed.



  1. Hi! I made it trough your new blog posts! Whew! I’m not sure I understood much–Latin is Greek to me! 😛 So are most things as foreign, but it’s fun to read your musings. I hope you are careful what you eat (and breathe)! Hiki told us that the Chinese people eat ANYTHING. She was telling us some pretty gross stuff. I feel bad about the baby formula thing. It’s really big in the news here. Sad when innocent babies get sick and die. Hope you have a great week!
    We love you! ~Mama

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