Posted by: rbbadger | September 15, 2008

Korean movies

Yes, Korean movie making has come a long way.  Korea is now capable of making very slick, Hollywood-style films.  Action films are VERY popular, so the abilities for special effects here would rival anything in Hollywood. And while American movies do remain popular, Korean ones also attract wide audiences throughout the country.  Seoul is the centre of Korea’s film industry.  Like with many things, the chaebols (conglomerates) control a huge portion of the industry.  The largest of these firms is CJ Entertainment (CJ 엔터테인먼트).  Owned by CJ corporation, a former subsidiary of Samsung and a major food manufacturer. 

Some of the most popular offerings on Korean television are the dramas.  They range all the way from historical dramas (I quite liked the Merchant of Joseon which aired on Arirang with Chinese and English subtitles) to all sorts of melodramatic soap operas that would make Mexican soaps look restrained.  Korean soap operas have found followings in Japan and China as well.

Koreans are pretty good at animation.  Rough Draft Korea does the animations for The Simpsons and a few other American TV animated shows.



  1. One of my favourite Korean movies is Sarang / A Love (2007). My review here

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