Posted by: rbbadger | September 13, 2008

Food safety in China

Officials of China’s Hebei province have ordered the recall of instant baby milk powder.  Apparently, the baby formula, produced by Sanlu, has caused kidney stones in 432 infants so far.  Chinese authorities have insisted that none of the formula was sold abroad, though some was sold in Taiwan.  (China does not recognise Taiwan as an independent nation and vice versa.  Chinese passports are not valid in Taiwan and Taiwanese passports are not valid in China.) 

Production at Sanlu has been halted and the government has threatened severe punishments to those responsible.  This is the same country which executed its own food and drug commissioner for corruption following a series of scandals.  In the USA, we let them retire to lives of utter disgrace instead.  Certain crimes, along with murder and treason, are punishable by death according to the laws of the People’s Republic of China and those responsible could well find themselves strapped to a table inside one of China’s lethal injection vans.

(China used to extract a ‘bullet fee’ from the family of the executed criminal, though it no longer does this.  Seeing as most prisons lack the facilities for capital punishment, a series of vans, configured similarly to an ambulance, travel from prison to prison to dispatch their hapless victims to futher judicial proceedings at a higher court.  Think of it as an anti-ambulance.) 

There have been scandals over things produced in China and found to be utterly dangerous in our own country and in other countries.  If we have problems with Chinese made things in our country, heaven only knows what the situation is like in mainland China.  Yikes!


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