Posted by: rbbadger | September 3, 2008

Organ in Myeong-dong Cathedral, Seoul

Seoul’s Myeong-dong Cathedral boasts a large and impressive organ built by Werner Bosch in Germany.  Like with most organs in Asia, it is imported.  Most organs here tend to come from either Europe or the USA.  There is a Korean, by the name of Hong Sung-hoon, who is German trained now building organs in Korea.  He’s built one for Gwangju’s Roman Catholic Church and a small one for the Anglican (Episcopal) Cathedral in Seoul.  But he is the only Korean organbuilder that I know of, at least one who owns his own firm.  As far as bragging rights as to whom the largest organ in Asia belongs to, it is South Korea.  Schuke Orgelbau of Germany built a massive, six-manual organ for the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.  So far, not even China has had a larger one built, though Japan has some huge ones of its own.




  1. For your reference, the organ in Myeongdong Cathedral is a three manual organ completed in July 1985. It has 35 stops and 2,577 pipes altogether. I have played this organ once, but not a single organ I know in Korea sound as fine as this one. It is because the place where the organ stands was pinpointed to be the most ideal spot for a organ when the cathedral was being designed during the mid 1890s. Also the Gothic style of the cathedral allows sufficient degreee of reverberation adding more beauty to the sound.

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