Posted by: rbbadger | August 31, 2008


John McCain has certainly made an interesting pick in his voice of a Vice Presidential nominee.  He chose the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.  Palin has a background which will resonate with a lot of people, namely being a mother of five children (one of whom has Down’s Syndrome) and like many Republicans, she is a devout Evangelical Christian.  (Another thing in her favour is that she’s certainly much easier on the eyes than either John McCain or Joe Biden, Obama’s Vice-Presidential nominee are.)  It will be interesting to see how the presidential race goes now.  It was a very surprising choice and one which many wouldn’t have predicted.



  1. I was surprised too! I had never heard of Sarah Palin before. So far, I think, it’s probably a very wise choice for McCain. I do wonder about her with a four-month-old baby with Down’s Syndrome though. I couldn’t do it.

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